PARC AVENTURA DESCRIPTION We are waiting for you to Parc Aventura Brasov to exceed your limits!!!
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The adventure park is an outdoor sports and leisure activity, a very good way to spend your free time with your family and friends.

Parc Aventura Brasov has 15 routes with progressive levels of difficulty. Each participant to adventure receives a safety equipment of 2 carbines which shall be used permanently for the participant’s safety.

Each route has its’ difficulty level which is symbolized by a specific color:

  • 4 purple routes for children under 8 years old; the purple routes have a security system without the carbines’ manipulation, for maximum safety;
  • 3 yellow routes for children from 8 years and for beginners; yellow route does not exceed 3 meters height;
  • 3 green routes they are easy and you can accommodate with the games’ height; on the green routes, the height of the games does not exceed 6 meters;
  • 2 blue routes they have a medium difficulty, considered to be the most pleasant and they are very entertaining;
  • 2 red routes and 1 black route that requires energy, strength and technique, on this route we experience a maximum level of adrenaline.
  • "The Great Zip Line over the Lake" - one way length 307 meters, return length 200 meters. You cross the lake in a suspended way;
  • "Close your eyes and jump" - an independent game, climb the ladder from the ground, height 16 meters. You close your eyes and jump or you can just jump with your eyes wide open. Do you dare?

The biggest height you can reach is on the black route and it is of 20 meters. Who dares?
We are waiting for you to Parc Aventura Brasov to exceed your limits!!!


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